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Our Services

Services of Klash Private mentioned in blow summary and detail from side manu of services list.

Yarn Store

In Klash Private Limited yarn Store, Yarn Stocked with a large Capacity of Ecru Yarn, Melange Yarn and Sewing Thread.

Our daily capacity of Yarn Store is 50,000 kgs and monthly capacity is about 1.5M kgs.

Yarn Store Hall Wise Detail

Capacity of Ecru Yarn in the two large hall having different span and rows is more then 1,261 Pallot consist of more than 18,968 bags.Total capacity of Melange Yarn in the Melange Yarn Store consists of more than 6,260 bags on the different 426 Pallot and in Sewing Thread Yarn Store, Capacity of Yarn Stock is about 7,840 bags in the different Span having 292 Pallot.

Swing Thread

In the Klash Private Sewing thread Department, There are forty functional Machines with the different capacity.

Sewing Thread Daily Capacity of 7,000 Cones (5000 Mtrs each) and the Capacity of per month of 182,000 Cones (5000 Mtrs each)

Swing Thread Machine Detail

Sewing thread consists of 17 dyeing machines and Capacity of that machines is more than 450 Kgs. More 20 machines of Hydro Extractor, Automatic High Speed Cross Cone Winder, Automatic High Speed Cross Cone Winder, Automatic High Speed Cross Cone Winder, Cone Winding Machine, Reeling Machine and Cone Winding Machine have Capacity of 136 Spindle. Overall capacity of total 39 machines is (450 Kgs+136 Spindle)


In Knitting Department of Klash Private, there are different Knitting Machines of Twill Tape, Draw Card, Flat Knitting and Circular Knitting machines with different daily and monthly capacity.

Our Daily Capacity of Knitting is 36,000 Kgs and Per month Capacity of Knitting is about 9.5 lakh Kgs

Knitting Machine Wise Detail

In Knitting Department of Klash Private, Capacity of 14 Twill Tape machines is 250 kgs per day and 6,500 kgs per month. Daily capacity of 270 Draw Card machines is 425 kgs and monthly capacity is 11,000 kgs, And 56 Flat Knitting machines and capacity is 900 kgs per day and 23,400 kgs per month. No. of Circullar Knitting machines is 151 and capacity is 36,000 kgs per day and 9.5 lakh kgs per month.

Yarn Dyeing

In Yarn Dyeing Department there are different no of SOFT WINDING, DYEING , HARD WINDING, DRYER and HYDRO machines with different daily and monthly capacity

Our Yarn Dyeing Daily Capacity is 6,700 Kgs and monthly we have Capacity is about 2 Lakh Kgs.

Yarn Dyeing Machine Wise Detail

Yarn Dyeing Soft Winding machines Capacity per day is about 6,200 kgs and Capacity per month is 175,000. Total Dyeing capacity is 6,000 per day and 170,000 kgs per month. Daily Hard Winding Capacity is 6,300 kgs and Capacity per month is 175,000 kgs.Total Capacity of Dryer is 5,000 kgs per day and 145,000 kgs per month.Hydro Machines per day capacity is 6,700 kgs and per month capacity of 2 lakh kgs.

Fabric Dyeing & Finishing

Klash Private have well-equipped in-house dyeing department contains different dyeing,washing and finishing machines with different production capacity.

We have capacity of dyeing & finishing of 30,000 kgs/day and monthly we have capacity of 9 lakh kgs of fabric dyeing & finishing.

Dyeing & finishing Machine Detail

The Fabric Dyeing of Klash Dyehouse has equipped with, Sclavos Venus(HT-1,HT-6,HT-3), Sclavos Athena(HT-1,HT-3,HT-6,HT-2) and THEN Airflow HT-4 dyeing machines. It is capable of dyeing both 100% cotton and blended fabric.
Our finishing department comprises of Slit, Squizer, Hydro Extractor, Dryer, Stanter, Tumble, Raising,Sueding, Tubular Compactor and Open Width Compactor finishing machines. Automatic hydro-extractors and slitters for the removal of moisture from dyed fabric, dryers for instant fabric drying, computerized compaction machines for complete shrinkage control, and tumble dryers to give minimum shrinkage value and all other machines perform relevant task in completion of finishing fabric. Working of these machines ensures that all the fabric leaving the finishing department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked for relevant factors before being forwarded to the next stage of production.
We have the biggest garment processing (Washing / Pigment dyeing) section in the region equipped with Norfil HT-4 machines, our highly skilled personals have great expertise in piece dyeing / garment dyeing with Pigment colors and different types of washes related to latest fashions.


Our finishing department contains different machines with different capacity that meet our finishing requirements daily and monthly.

Our finishing capacity is 26,500 kgs per day and about 800,000 kgs per month.

Machine Wise Finishing Detail

Our finishing department comprises of Slit, Squizer, Hydro Extractor, Dryer, Stanter, Tumble, Raising,Sueding, Tubular Compactor and Open Width Compactor finishing machines. Automatic hydro-extractors and slitters for the removal of moisture from dyed fabric, dryers for instant fabric drying, computerized compaction machines for complete shrinkage control, and tumble dryers to give minimum shrinkage value and all other machines perform relevant task in completion of finishing fabric. Working of these machines ensures that all the fabric leaving the finishing department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked for relevant factors before being forwarded to the next stage of production.


In klash Private, we have well-equipped washing department having different machines with different washing capacity.

Our daily capacity of washing is 10,000 kgs and monthly capacity of washing is 300,000 kgs.

Machine Wise Detail

We have the biggest garment processing (Washing / Pigment dyeing) section in the region equipped with Norfil HT-4 machines, our highly skilled personals have great expertise in piece dyeing / garment dyeing with Pigment colors and different types of washes related to latest fashions.


In klash Private cutting department, we have different cutting machines that totally meet the needs of our stitching Inductions.

Cutting department of Klash Private consists of latest machines for pattern designing and grading.

Machine Wise Cutting Detail

Cutting department is equipped with the CAD / CAM system for pattern designing and grading. Its auto lay marking and plotting is state of the art technology which help us to reduce fabric wastages and enhance the fabric usability. In order to ensure the constant supply of cut panels, our manual laying and cutting production runs parallel to meet the needs of stitching Inductions.


Our printing department is equipped with state of the art automatic printing machines which runs through the different color scheme to ensure the desired look and quality.

Our daily production of garment printing is about 70,000 pcs and monthly capacity of printing is 1,820,000 pcs.

Printing Machine Detail

Klash Private has three printing department having different No of AUTO MACHINE, MANUAL MACHINE, CURE, EMBOSE, TABLES (PRINTING), EXPOSING CAMERA, FRAMING, MIXTURE, HEAT BED, EMBOSE, MIXTURE, and FLOCK in all printing department with different capacity of printing. Overall capacity of all three printing department is about 70,000 pcs /day and 1,820,000 pcs /month.


In Klash Private, there are eight different stitching unit having different machines with different production capacity.

Our overall monthly capacity of complete stitching production is about 2.3M PCS and daily Capacity is 77,000 PCS including all stitching units.

Stitching Machine Detail

In Klash Private, we have overall 137 flows in all stitching units fully equipped with 4,000 machines of Lock Stitch, Over Lock, Flat Lock, Button Attach, Button Hole Bar Tack, EYELET+Tipping and CLIPING. This gives us flexibility and speed to produce many types of garments simultaneously. We have the experienced and technical team in production and quality which ensure the tailoring art of stitching. That is an important factor of our growth and customer's satisfaction.


Embroidery department of Klash Private have two Embroidery Section having different machine with capacity mentioned blow.

Our daily capacity of embroidery is about 11,500 pcs and monthly we have rang of garment embroidery is 299,000 pcs.

Embroidery Machine Detail

We have 6 embroidery Machines in EMBROIDERY SECTION 01 with capacity of embroidery is 6,000pcs/day and 156,000pcs/month and 5 Machines in EMBROIDERY SECTION 02 with capacity of 5,500pcs/day and 143,000pcs/month. Overall we have 11 machines with production capacity of 11,500pcs/day and 299,000pcs/month that giving us the capability to produce many designs from simplest to the complex and enable us to cope with the quick turnaround on both small and large volume.

Quality Control Lab

Our Quality control lab is accredited for customer Next, C & A, Marks & Spencer, Flyers Group, Tesco and Brand Alliance and further developing to achieve the certifications of some other customers.

Our current test capabilities of quality control lab is to manage Colorfastness(washing,water etc), physical test like fabric weight and Garment Appearance after Wash.

Quality Control Lab Machine Wise Detail

Klash has documented a Quality Manual that states the quality management system, of the organization. Management establishes a documented quality plan setting out the specific quality practices, resources required and sequence of activities relevant to particular product. Our in-house Quality control lab is equipped with different computerized machines like Wascator FOM 71 CLS, Tumble Dryer, Tumble Dryer, Gyrowash, Crockmeter, Oven/Incubator, Pilling Martindale, Burst Strength, Burst Strength, pH Meter, Hoover Twin Tub, Weighing balances, pH Shaker, Thermohgrograph, Light Cabinet and Attachment Strength with different capacity and functionality to satisfy our customers regarding all Quality Parameters.

Processing lab

Processing lab of Klash Private is equipped with different machines to perform their relevant function.

Processing lab of Klash Private has Lab Dipping, Drying, Curing and different other machines for testing.

Processing Lab Machine Detail

Our Processing lab is equipped with 13 different machines like AHIBA IR Pro and Dyeing machine IR to perform Lab Dipping , Oven for Drying , Curing, Padder for Padding, Auto lab TF40 for(Auto Dispensing) for auto color Dosing , Spectrophotometer 800 for CMC and recipes prediction, Rapid Conditioner for Control Humidity Chamber and pH Meter for pH measuring.


Warehouse department of Klash Private have different daily and monthly packing, storage and shipping capacity.

We have capacity of warehouse packing is 81,000pcs/day and 2.4M pcs/month and Storage capacity is about 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 pcs

Department Wise Detail

We have different warehouse department having different daily and monthly capacity. KLASH-1(NEXT,M&S) Warehouse capacity is 16,886pcs/day and 464,036pcs/month, Capacity of Warehouse KLASH-2 is 13,072pcs/day and 364,872pcs/month, capacity of Warehouse KLASH-3 is about 6,905pcs/day and 204,530pcs/month, daily capacity of our UK Warehouse is 32,035pcs and monthly capacity of 1,022,910pcs and KLASH-7 warehouse capacity is 12,240pcs/day and 343,240pcs/month.


  • Men's Hoddy

  • Men's Polo Shirt

  • Men's Zipper

  • Men's T-Shirts

  • Ladies Hoddy

  • Ladies Polo

  • Ladies T-Shirts

  • Ladies Zipper

  • Baby T-Shirts

  • Baby Trouser

  • baby Hoddy

  • Baby Zipper

Our Customers

Our continuous growth, devotions and positive approach has made us a trustworthy manufacturing partner of world's best brands.

Social Responsibilities

Social responsibility is "an organization's obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on the society". Klash family knows its social respontibility towards the environment, public, government, stackholders and human beings very well. Thats why, Klash is playing a golden role in establishing a good environment, serving human beings and supporting the government and all of its customers.

Currently Klash is taking the charge of environmental control,education and health responsibilities with the co-operation of its corporate sector.

Health is key for all types of success in the life. A healthy nation can play a healthy role in the progress of a business. Klash group has developed a social security hospital in Faisalabad(Punjab Pakistan) and a dispensary in Sahiwal(Punjab Pakistan). In addition, We also co-operate with other trust hospitals working for the health development.

Environment Protection Activities

Klash has established sports Park in nearby town called 'Millat Town' back in 2012 And this has been very good step for the environment. And now in 2014 updation has been made like we have installed lights in the park, water system for grass, installed more plants in the park.

KLASH management took an other environmental initiative & developed a community welfare park “Kamal Interchange near Motorway”. It is inaugurated by “Federal Minister of Climate change Ms. Zartaj Gul.

Educational Responsibilities

To build creative minds education is used as a machine. We have developed many projects for teaching the poor children in very low study cost. Klash is working for two schools in Faisalabad(Punjab Pakistan). It is also providing the teaching staff on its own expense to these schools and gives scholarships to needy and bright students.

Effluent Water Treatment Plant

Klash has established ETP Plan (Effluent Water Treatment Plant) for the treatment of waster effluent water came from dyeing, laundry for making things environment friendly.

Drinking Water Treatment plant for local community (town)

Klash has taken the step for nearby community / town called “Dhanola” and installed potable drinking water treatment plants in general bus stand and Jinnah garden which facilities people to drink potable water and water has been regularly monitored / maintenance work has been carried out regularly as well.

Support for IDP’S

Klash has taken the step to facilitate the people (IDP’S) who migrate from Waziristan where Pak army operation has been carried out against terrorist (Taliban) Klash has send food items, EID gifts for children and blankets also for their help in this situation. Klash has sent these items in 2 sessions. 1st session contains toys for 650 children + food items for 350 people and was sent in end jyly-2014 and 2nd session contains food items for IDP’s on 6th September, 2014.

Ramadan Food Package Distribution

4. On the blessing occasion of Ramadan KLASH management has distributed “Ramadan food Package” to all company workers in March 2022. This is a good initiative for community welfare in this age of expensiveness.

Natural Calamities

Klash has contributed to help the flood victims and support them in every respect like in food, residence. Etc

Open Door Policy

KLASH management designed an “Open Door Policy” for customer’s suppliers & workers to receive feedback or complaints. Incase of any complaint or feedback regarding company activities please contact us on email complain.cell@klashpvt.com or through hotline # 0092-300-0224145.

Social Compliance

Klash has got many awards of social compliance year by year. Currently valid awards are mentioned below.

Oeko Tex Certificate
ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Human Resources

Management is nothing more than motivating other people. The secret to motivating your employees is to find out what they want and show them how to get it.

In Klash terms, human resources recruiters develop and implement recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfill company staffing needs.
Our Recruiting Process: The process of recruiting is a creative one, as it involves using both traditional and non-traditional resources to identify and attract talent. The process includes Candidate Screening, Interviewing and Background Checks.

Timely and regular attendance is an expectation of performance for all employees. Our Time and Attendance is a leading employee time tracking solution based on advanced time and attendance solutions that helps to make easy work of monitoring employee time and attendance.

  • Payroll managers accurately track employee time and wage information.
  • The HR department manages employee absenteeism and leave management.
  • Company easily complies with complex payroll policies and labor regulations.

At some point in your career, you may be faced with a personal or family illness or other life event that requires you to be away from work for an extended period of time. Human Resources is available to assist you in managing the leave you need to handle these life events and to ensure a smooth transition back to your role within the Klash company. The following information provide an overview of leave/absence categories:
Types of Leave: Sick Leaves, Annual Leaves, Casual Leaves, Special Leaves, Maternity/Paternity Leave And Education etc with full pay.

As the need for extended operating hours grows, more and more organizations are adopting work schedules that require longer and/or multiple shifts. HR Generalists are often asked to participate in efforts to develop and implement the new work schedules. This is the perfect opportunity for them to take on a leadership role, and ensure that the schedule satisfies both the business requirements and preferences of the workforce.
Overtime And Scheduling policies

  • 06:00 To 14:00
  • 09:00 To 18:00
  • 14:00 To 22:00
  • We pay double overtime if any.

Although Klash have skilled and qualified managment and skilled employees but Klash Human resources (HR) arrange training and development trainings to develop innovative project leader skills, behaviors, and strategies for recruiting employees, reducing employee turnover, promoting employee development and retaining a talented, flexible and diverse workforce.

We think workplace discussions are extremely valuable. Having open and honest discussions with staff can help managers plan more effectively for the future and, where appropriate, can help facilitate the transition from work to retirement for both the individual and the department. During these discussions, HR manager also give all staff the opportunity, irrespective of their age, to develop and learn new skills through staff development and training initiatives. Our HR ask open questions e,g. what are your aims and plans career-wise for the short (6-12 months), medium (1-2 years) and long term (2 years+)?

HR Department have complete legal information of every employee. In Klash company the employee directory consist of identity detail ,contact detail and educational detail for every employee.
Hr Department of Klash company has a complete record of employee duration that he was/is working in the organization.

Klash company Provides the comfortable facility conveyance for all employees. it includes the separate transport facility for male and female employee of the different areas. The employees who have to face trouble in arrival to the comany place and back to home at time can use the company transport service and save thier dailly travelling problems.

Our HR handles all the facets of the employment and benefits of each employee of the Klash company. Payroll managment of Klash company other than monthly salary consists of following benefits:

  • In time pay
  • Wages accourding to government law
  • W.P.P.F

HR of Klash company specially notice how well employees are performing. when company meet excellent performance of employee then both the organization and the employee are in profit.
There are various kinds of employee performance

  • Working quality
  • Working quantity
  • Working efficiency
  • Organizational performance

Klash's overall benefit plan has long been recognized and valued because of its comprehensiveness and competitiveness in the textile market. In addition to a robust array of traditional benefits such as medical care, life insurance and retirement along with a wide range of family-friendly and cultural benefits to attract, support and reward the experienced management and skilled employees that help Klash progress towards a leading textile industory.

  • Group insurance
  • Medical Treatment(Employee + family)
  • Life insurance
  • Free Transpotation
  • Subsidied canteen
  • Fare price grocery shop
  • Fare price garment shop
  • Entitlments (mobile charges,feuls and mantainance for motor vehicals)
  • Bonuses
  • advance salary
  • gratuity fund
  • special leaves

Klash company provides the facility for any person to apply for job online using job portal of klash Pvt Ltd. In Klash online job plateform every person can place his CV and apply for his desired job in the klash. Portal also consist of all list of current available job in the klash company.User easilly find job if any in klash company.
For more detail visit our job portal Click here

Klash company use advance employee tracking system that keep track of time and office location information of employees. These systems may help managers to locate employees and keep track of working hours.
The following employee information can be easily tracked and managed:

  • Employment history
  • Emergency contact information
  • Compensation and salary information
  • Benefits information

In Klash Pvt goals of HR management are to ensure that all employees perform their duties to promote the goals of the company. Also, HR are responsible for taking the full efficiency and capabilities of the employees and placing the right employees in the right job positions.

Human Resources Surveys are a proven tool in the effective management of an organization that play a significant role in assisting organization in meeting its objectives. HR surveys are most frequently used to collect information from within an organization, by surveying staff throughout the organization, or selected staff within specific groups, on a particular topic. We conduct annual, bi-annual, and even human resource surveys that not only improve a work environment but also increase productivity as well as job retention rates. We also use them in the hiring process to collect job applicant information.
Human resources departments within even the smallest company can implement a survey to measure:

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Annual Reviews

Klash as a business leading textile industry, keep this in mind that our employees are the representative of our organization and our employees are the intrinsic force in our company and can contribute to the success of business significantly.

  • Job application surveys allow applicants to apply for jobs online. These surveys are embedded on a web site and collect applicant’s information, experience and resumes. You will be glad to have all this data in one central location!

  • 360-feedback surveys are used during performance reviews to provide employees with management and colleague feedback. These surveys set clear career objectives by assessing skills, identifying areas of improvement, defining goals and training.

  • Employees need to be more than just satisfied to be productive. Employees that are engaged are more likely to contribute to an organization’s improvement. They love their work and look for ways to improve it. This carries over to a department’s and organization success.

  • Did you know that satisfied employees perform their jobs better than unsatisfied employees? Not only are satisfied employees more productive, but they can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

  • Employee Exit interviews are conducted to gain objective feedback about the work culture, management style, operational processes and training needs. These surveys are conducted as an employee is leaving under the assumption that helpful criticism is a driver for organizational improvement. They also allow for the transfer of knowledge. This question survey asks an exiting employee the reason for their departures as well as experiences with leadership, working environment, and team members.

  • HR used to identifying employee training needs through the use of a training needs assessment questionnaire. Employees complete a self-assessment survey. Results are analyzed by department/division/units.

  • How well HR Department is doing? What improvements could HR need to make? Is HR communicating effectively with employees? How do our employees feel about the all HR processes and procedures they have to go through to comply with regulations? We conduct HR audit survey Annually.

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