Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is "an organization's obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on the society". Klash family knows its social respontibility towards the environment, public, government, stackholders and human beings very well. Thats why, Klash is playing a golden role in establishing a good environment, serving human beings and supporting the government and all of its customers.

Currently klash is taking the charge of environmental control,education and health responsibilities with the co-operation of its corporate sector.
  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Social Security Hospital

  • Social Security Hospital

  • Social Security Hospital

  • Play Ground And Park

  • Play Ground And Park

  • Play Ground And Park




Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Care is one of the core values of KLASH PVT LTD. and it is not only applicable within the Company but we also believe in our obligation to make a positive difference in the world, thus adding value to our community as well as society at large. Also, being a socially responsible organization, we are committed to conduct business in a transparent and ethical manner while keeping the stakeholders perspectives into consideration. The aim is to promote and support sustainable development by taking the lead in the industry.

Health Responsibilities

Health is key for all types of success in the life. A healthy nation can play a healthy role in the progress of a business. Klash group has developed a social security hospital in Faisalabad(Punjab Pakistan) and a dispensary in Sahiwal(Punjab Pakistan). In addition, We also co-operate with other trust hospitals working for the health developement.

Environmental Responsibilities

Klash Famiily is ensuring following responsibilities in the area of environmental control.

  • Undertaking community development and area development programmes.
  • Ensuring a pollution-free process of production
  • Having an efficient system for the disposal of waste

For these purposes we Have developed a water treatment plant to make the chemically siturated water normal and esteblished a park and play ground for public.

Educational Responsibilities

To build creative minds education is used as a machine. We have developed many projects for teaching the poor children in very low study cost. klash is working for two schools in Faisalabad(Punjab Pakistan). It is also providing the teaching staff on its own expense to these schools and gives scholarships to needy and bright students.

Support for IDP’S

Klash has taken the step to faclitize the people (IDP’S) who migrate from waziristan where pak army operation has been carried out against terrorits (taliban) klash has send food items, EID gifts for children and blanckets also for their help in this situation. Klash has sent these items in 2 sessions. 1st session contains toys for 650 children + food items for 350 people and was sent in end jyly-2014 and 2nd session contains food items for IDP’s on 6th September, 2014.

Environment Protection Activities

Klash has established sports Park in nearby town called “Millat Town back in 2012 And this has been very good step for the environment. And now in 2014 updation has been made like we have installed lights in the park, water system for grass, installed more plants in the park.

Klash has established ETP Plan (Effluent Water Treatment Plant) for the treatment of waster effluent water came from dyeing, laundry for making things environment friendly.

Welfare Activities For Local Community

Klash has contributed to develop and High school in nearest village named “Dhanola”. in 2010 , Contribution like Tables. Benches, Computer lab accessories, science lab accessories. Housekeeping etc had been made. Now in 2014, klash has made improvements in the school like Drinking water plant installed for school children as well as for local town (dhanola), also construct new classes, water chiler installation and made play gound and lawn for school children.

Drinking Water Treatment plant for local community (town)

Klash has taken the step for nearby community / town called “Dhanola” and installed potable drinking water treatment plants in general bus stand and Jinnah garden which facilities people to drink potable water and water has been regularly monitored / maintenance work has been carried out regularly as well.

Natural Calamities

Klash has contributed to help the flood victims and support them in every respect like in food, residence. Etc